CaliperTool 1.0

Figure out the right drill bit to use


  • Quick conversion
  • Suggests appropriate drill bit size


  • Basic interface
  • Doesn't convert from mm

Not bad

I'm not much of a handyman and whenever I try to fix something in the house or assemble some new furniture I always seem to screw it up.

This handy little Palm app is designed to help you eliminate DIY disasters by performing the precise calculations you need for your wood-working, metal-working or general home maintenance. Specifically, the software is for converting decimal inches into fractal inches for the purposes of precise drilling or cutting.

The application has a very primitive interface, which makes this one dead easy to use. You just need to enter your measurement in decimal inches and hit the 'calc' button. CaliperTool will then quickly show you the closest fractional inch measurements (at a 1/64 inch resolution), as well as giving you the measurement in millimeters.

Unfortunately, the program won't convert from millimeters to fractional inches, but it does have a nice feature where it displays the closest letter and number drill bit size for the thing you've measured, if appropriate.

If you're fed up of botching repair or construction jobs and want a quick way to change decimal inches into fractions then CaliperTool does the job without any nonsense.

Since I bought a lathe and have started doing some metalwork I have found myself spending a lot of time measuring a piece and then trying to convert the measurement from thousandths of an inch to fractional inches - usually to find a drill bit.

I wrote CaliperTool to help. Enter a decimal inch value and press "calc." CaliperTool will find the closest 1/64" values above and below your measurement and print them along with their respective errors.

It will also do a simple metric conversion and list the measurement in millimeters. And if that weren't enough, if your measurement is reasonably close to a "letter" or "number" drill bit size, it will list the closest of them as well.



CaliperTool 1.0

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